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In the year 1426H – 2005G Sheikh Abdullah M.F. Abuljadayel, decided to do something different, than what they started to do half a century ago, he decided that he want to provide a catering services to the visitors of the holy mosque in Makkah during Hajj and Umrah, because of the poor services they get when it comes to food. Then the idea of establishing one of the most prestigious Kitchen was built on a land with a total area of 9,000²m. and it was equipped with top of the line machinery to give more production, in less time, with the minimum of man power. At the same time we have put in mind the safety of people to prevent food poisoning during the busy seasons. Contract was signed with one of the Islamic countries, to provide food for the pilgrims during the 2 holy seasons. And production goes from 40,000 meals a day to 240,000 meals a day. And to top our qualifications as one of the leading Catering Kitchens not only in the Kingdom , maybe in the Middle East as well, we are in the process to obtain the HACCP and ISO-22000 certifications for our Abuljadayel Catering.


It is the largest in the Middle East in the subsistence and catering services


The first and oldest factory dedicated to the pilgrims and minor pilgrims Iran


The new plant provides services to the mission of the Turkish Hajj

What we do

Processing and cooking passing by conduction to the holy sites , hotel, where clean-up operations completed our tasks


Huge warehouses and processing organization distinct management and centralized kitchens Bahrt Italian and Turkish equipment under the supervision of the best administrators and technicians

Hotel resturants managment

Thanks to extensive experience in the management and kitchenware Supply grace of God we were able to several hotel restaurants in Mecca administration systematically


In Jeddah Bride of the Red Sea have created several restaurants in Jeddah Mall Street sweeteners vary between the People's Bank and to other

School Cafe

High confidence in us and has several schools for girls to contract with us for the management of school canteens in the city of Mecca

Our portfolio

170000 Hajj and Omra
70 Hotels
6 Resruranst
15 School cafe

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Lunch our new site

2016-05-05 15:54:43 / source ابو الجدايل للتموين

Thanks to God, was launched the new version of our website so that the mind of modern techniques in design and programming and adapt screen of mobile phones and tablet and others as we launched our pages on social networking sites Twitter - Anstjeram - Facebook - Youtube You can access them through the icons to communicate the bottom of the site

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Happy Eid

2016-07-05 11:20:38 / source

Happy Eid to all muslims in the world wish you the best.

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